Lene Håhr Jensen speaker at the Euprio Conference 2023
Lene Håhr
Communication Officer
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities

Lene Håhr Jensen is a communication officer at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Her main experience is in social media, internal communication, and communication consulting, and she is particularly interested in developing activities that enhance researchers' abilities to effectively communicate their work.

Build relationships and raise the profile of your communication department by advising researchers

Research shows that one of the biggest challenges for communication professionals at universities is a lack of familiarity with them as a service unit. Many researchers do not know who to turn to for help or what kind of help they can receive. On the other hand, the communication department is not up-to-date with the latest research.

To address this issue, the communication department at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen has focused on advising researchers through courses and workshops on strategic communication, social media management and media training. These activities aim to raise awareness of the communication department and support researchers in their own communication efforts.

At this workshop, you will receive advice and ideas on how to become more visible, as well as a range of concrete advisory products that you can offer researchers.

Workshop with Henrik Friis