Guided City Tours

The organisers offer four different options to the conference participants for having an overview of the city of Vienna. The guided tours are for free and included in the general programme.

Registration is compulsory before the deadline through MyEUPRIO Conference registration form. We suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes

The guided tours take place on Sunday August 27, 2023 from 15:30 to 17:00 (90 minutes).

The meeting point is at 15:15 nearby the statue in front of the main entrance of the TU Wien at Karlsplatz 13


  1. Tour Charles Square: cultural highlights around the TU Wien
    This leisurely 1,5 hour tour will focus on the area around Karlsplatz, one of the major squares in Austria's capital with the impressive Baroque church of St. Charles, Vienna's most famous world renowned concert hall (Musikverein), the Künstlerhaus and Secession art exhibition halls and a plethora of monuments in the park in front of the TU Wien (all outside only).
  2. Climate Protection: Tour around Charles Square
    On this 1,5 hours tour you will learn how Vienna is dealing with major climate change issues such as Urban Heat Islands. Explore together with team members of Austria Guides For Future® how the area around Charles Square transformed in history from a rural area to an urban square. Discover the hidden stream Wienfluss that used to be the life line of the neighborhood. And how does the TU Wien contribute to understand climate change better and to find solutions to minimise the effects?
  3. Women in Vienna throughout history
    From about 200 monuments in Vienna, only five are dedicated to women despite the fact that they have been shaping Vienna's history throughout the centuries. Our tour will highlight the remarkable lives of some of these women being pioneers in many fields such as arts, science, architecture and many more. There are other exciting women to discover than empress Elizabeth aka Sissi or Maria Therese like Hedy Lamarr or Nobel Prize laureate Bertha von Suttner. Duration: 1,5 hours
  4. Musical tour of Vienna
    The area around Charles Square is a true hotspot of renowned musical institutions such as the world famous Musikverein or the Konzerthaus. On our walk we will explore their history, pay a visit to Beethovens monument and also talk about people that played an important role in Vienna's musical life like Johannes Brahms and Arnold Schönberg. Some of them started out as students of the TU Wien at Charles Square to become ingenieurs like two of the famous Strauss brothers! Duration: 1,5 hours


Optional tours on Wednesday August 30, 2023


Special tour to the restored Parliament (for free)

What: Parliament House

Where: Dr. Karl Renner-Ring 3 - Wien (visitor's entrance behind the Pallas-Athene-Fountain)

When: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 10:15 (groups 1 and 2); at 10:30 (groups 3 and 4)

How: 4 groups max 25 people each

Registration: on MyEUPRIO Conference registration form


To ensure a smooth visit, please note the following:

  • take in count that check-in needs 15 minutes or use of the checkrooms before the tour begins
  • at the entrance there is a compulsory security check for persons and objects carried. Weapons are absolutely prohibited in the parliament building (this also applies to pocket knives, for example)
  • a valid photo ID is asked to visitors at the entrance


Schönbrunn Castle visit

If you want to visit the Schönbrunn Castle (chargeable) you should take care to book it individually on the dedicated website


For more info about Wien download for free the App Digital City Guide