Ilda Mannino speaker at the EC2024
Scientific Coordinator TEN Program & Graduate Activities
Venice International University

I am the Scientific Coordinator of the Intensive Graduate Activities and of the TEN Program on Sustainability of the Venice International University. With a background in Environmental Science my current research interests focus on Sustainable Development and Science Communication. I have a long experience in research and education projects on these themes. Among these, I am currently involved in the COALESCE Project, to develop the EU Competence Centre on Science communication and its Academy. In 2018-2021 I was the scientific coordinator of the Horizon 2020 QUEST Project on Quality science communication.

Venice International University - VIU

Coalesce project





Let’s coalesce! Training needs and opportunities for quality science & research communication (W)

It is now recognized that science and research communication play a primary role for society. Quality science and research communication, however, requires increasingly trained professionals: the challenge today is not only to disseminate research results effectively, but to open the dialogue with increasingly demanding audiences, involve them in an active and constructive manner in research itself and prompt true social changes. It will be necessary to train communication officers, journalists, museum facilitators, scientists and researchers who are prepared to face these challenges.

The current European panorama highlights a notable discontinuity and diversity of the training offer in science communication, both in formal (master) and informal (short trainings) contexts.

Based on the results of a recent research on the training needs of different science communicators, the workshop will actively involve the participants in co-designing ‘the perfect training for HE communication officers. The objective is in fact to integrate the current educational panorama in support of the communication of science and research.

The occasion if offered by the COALESCE project that is developing the European Competence Centre on science communication, a future hub for resources, networking and training opportunities for science communication professionals.

This is a Workshop (medium to very interactive) taking place in ROOM D2 (CLE first floor)