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Innovative project to instal primary school in university wins 2022 EUPRIO Awards
the Awards 2022 winners
The EUPRIO Awards took place for the first time in three years as part of the 2022 Zurich Conference and the long wait was certainly worth it.
EUPRIO promotes the Career Days at the Council of EU 2021
Career days at the Council of EU 2021
Discover your future with the Digital Services!
EUPRIO joins the LUMEN Conference 2021
LUMEN Conference 2021 Online
The leading and most-attended event in higher education sector in Poland, focused on strategic and operational university management
Earthquakes, Computer Crashes and Covid-19 Campus Outbreaks
Ca' Foscari University Venice (Italy)
As universities welcomed students back to campuses this autumn, many towns and cities saw a surge of confirmed Covid-19 cases and university communication teams back in crisis mode. Here Nic Mitchell finds out how EUPRIO members from across Europe are meeting the challenges of the ‘new normal’ in the midst of a second wave of the Corona virus.
Sharing lessons as we communicate back to the “new normal”
Communication after covid in the Netherlands
We’ve all had good and bad experiences of continuing to communicate with our students, staff and other stakeholders in the middle of the coronavirus crisis and now is the ideal time to look at lessons learnt since the pandemic shut campuses and forced teaching and virtually everything else online.
Communicating in a covid crisis
The SoMe hour by Ole Frank Nielsen
Universities in europe and across the world have overcome daunting communication challenges since the covid-19 virus shuttered campuses and forced teaching online – and they face fresh obstacles in navigating to the ‘new normal’.
Coronavirus shows value of science communication
covid and science communication
If the coronavirus has proved one thing, it is the value of timely and trustworthy information from scientists and other experts to policy-makers and the need for effective communication to the public at large.
When did you last do a social media audit?
When was the last time you audited all the social media accounts associated with your university?
Turning university staff into social advocates
EMP meeting at Aarhus University
How to you get university staff on board with a social advocacy programme?
EUPRIO creates ‘big family’ atmosphere in Poznań
Applause at the Poznań conference
Nearly 240 participants from 22 countries gathered in the Polish university city of Poznań for EUPRIO’s annual conference, which this year focused on managing internal communications and reputation building.